Efficient Learner & Fee Management with utobo.

Welcome to a new era of efficient learner and fee management with utobo, where managing courses and enrollments is now a breeze!

Streamlined Enrollment: Enrollment Made Easy 📝 Effortless Member Addition: Utobo's platform simplifies the enrollment process, allowing you to add new members easily. The tedious task of enrolling each student individually is now a thing of the past.

👥 Bulk Enrollment: With utobo’s “Bulk Import”, enrolling multiple members quickly and efficiently is now possible. This feature is a true time-saver, ensuring a smoother onboarding process for groups.

Effective Enrollment Monitoring: Keeping Track Simplified 🔍 Course Tracking: Stay ahead with utobo’s course tracking feature. Keep a close eye on purchases across various courses and products, ensuring organized learner management.

📊 Flexible Filtering: Utilize utobo's powerful filtering options to locate members based on specific criteria like time period and date range. This level of customization streamlines your administrative tasks.

Convenient Learner Purchase: Seamless Transactions for a Better Learning Experience 💳 Direct Store Transactions: Enable learners to purchase courses directly from your store. This streamlined process leads to a hassle-free transaction and a better overall experience.

🚀 Instant Access: Post-purchase, learners can immediately log in to access courses, digital products, and quizzes. This instant access feature ensures a seamless transition from purchase to learning.

Effortless Fee Management: Secure and Fair Access Control 🔐 Access Control: With utobo, manually granting access to learners is effortless. This feature plays a crucial role in handling course transactions and fees securely.

👩‍🎓 Access Provisioning: Ensure fair and secure learning by granting access to course materials exclusively to paying students. This method enhances both security and fairness in your course delivery.