Top 10 Education Influencers in the UK You Need to Follow in 2023

Education coaches and influencers have become the go-to source for guidance and inspiration in this field. We've curated a list of 10 education coaches who are making waves in the industry to inspire others to start their own education coaching journey.


Here is a list of the top 10 education influencers in the UK, known for their inspiring and informative content on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 


Meet the 10 Education Coaches You Need to Follow Right Now! We've scoured the internet and compiled the names of 10 influencers making a big impact in the education coaching space. Get ready to take notes!


Ross McGill - Teacher ToolKit

Ross McGill is a renowned deputy head teacher based in North London. He runs Teacher Toolkit, a popular website that provides teachers access to resources useful in any classroom. His mission is to make complex classroom theories practical for time-poor teachers, and his blogs cover a wide range of topics, from policy and regulation to safety and more.


Mark Anderson - ICTEvangelist

Mark Anderson is an award-winning blogger, author, consultant, and speaker who combines his expertise in technology and teaching to share his passion for learning and innovation. As an assistant headteacher, he provides educators with classroom advice, educational apps, and personal anecdotes that inspire them to improve their teaching skills.


David Didau - The Learning Spy

David Didau founded The Learning Spy in 2011 to share his own classroom successes and struggles, as well as those of other teachers. He also streams webinars as part of his Learning Spy Academy, covering subjects such as building a reading culture and ensuring teacher accountability.


Tom Sherrington - Teacherhead

Tom Sherrington is an experienced headteacher and teacher with over 30 years of experience working in schools. As an education consultant in schools and colleges worldwide, he is one of the best education influencers in the UK. His focus is on teacher development, school improvement, assessment, and curriculum design, and he shares his ideas via his popular website and Twitter feed.


Jo Morgan - Resourceaholic

Jo Morgan is a math teacher sharing lesson plans, ideas, and resources for teaching secondary and post-secondary mathematics on her blog, Resourceaholic, since 2014. Her award-winning blog is filled with everything from Star Wars puzzles to mathematical handwriting, and she uses interesting facts and trivia to boost her student's enthusiasm for the subject.


Karl Pupé - The Action Hero Teacher

Karl Pupé is a qualified primary, secondary, and further education teacher specializing in behavior management. He runs workshops and has authored The Action Hero Teacher, a popular blog that provides advice on classroom management and helping students who struggle to listen.


Alex Quigley - The Confident Teacher

Alex Quigley is a National Content Manager at the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and a regular columnist for education magazines. His recent posts on successful study strategies, remote learning, and the effectiveness of reading on screen versus traditional print textbooks have proven very effective for both the student community and teachers.


Kat Howard

Kat Howard, also known as @saysmiss, is the Director of a Teaching School Hub in Lincolnshire. She writes for other publications, delivers workshops around research-informed practice, and manages teacher workload and well-being. Her recent posts on teaching in an empty classroom, tackling the root causes of stress, and the need for fluid curriculums have helped teachers and students cope with the pandemic anxieties.


Stephen Tierney - Leading Learner

Stephen Tierney is the CEO of the Blessed Edward Bamber Catholic Multi Academy Trust and the author of the LeadingLearner blog. He is among the trending education influencers in the UK today, providing a platform to discuss everything from education to leading and teaching.


John Tomsett

John Tomsett is the headteacher at Huntington School in York, England. He shares his own views related to education in his blogs. He has significantly contributed to education across the city in his leadership of the York Schools and Academies Board.


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