Top 30 education influencers to add to your social media feed.

Social media is a great platform for education influencers, including teachers, researchers, and journalists, to share their views on important classroom topics. From news stories to teaching tips, policy critiques, and classroom hacks, following the internet's biggest names in education can provide valuable insights and knowledge.

However, with so many social media accounts, it can be difficult to know who to follow. To simplify things, we've got you covered! Check out our list of the top 30 education influencers to add to your feed and stay up to date on all the latest news and insights in the field.


  1. Simon Hunt - The Year 4 teacher who believes that children have the power to change the world - one classroom at a time
  2. Naomi Lofts - The education influencer who helps students make the transition from school to the real world with a healthy dose of wit and humor.
  3. Priya Lakhani - The AI in EdTech expert who is on a mission to reduce teacher workload and make learning more fun for students.
  4. Alistair Bryce-Clegg - The experienced educator who shares the best classroom practices with a side of humor and inspiration.
  5. 'Little Writing Company' - The fun-loving notebook and parenting blogger who will have you laughing out loud at their hilarious stories.
  6. Patrick Watson - The education news and opinion guru who makes staying up-to-date on classroom happenings a fun and engaging experience.
  7. 'A Teacher's Journey' - The spotlight-loving influencer who shares all the latest and greatest teaching supplies with their followers.
  8. Mrs. JT - The Year 6 teacher who inspires and relates to other teachers with her humor and heartwarming stories.
  9. Niomi Clyde Roberts - The Assistant Headteacher who shares her insights on education leadership with a fun and creative twist.
  10. Helly Douglas - The freelance writer who helps publishers engage children, families, and schools with her fun and entertaining articles.
  11. Louisa Penfold - The modern art and play enthusiast who shares her knowledge on how children learn through creativity and imagination.
  12. Rachel Smith - The Maths Lead Practitioner who makes problem-solving and independent thinking a fun and exciting process for her students.
  13. Angeline Aow - The German educator who shares brilliant learning tactics and important issues in a fun and engaging way.
  14. Shannen Doherty - The primary school teacher and education writer who never fails to bring humor and wit to her classroom stories.
  15. Spike Cook - The middle school principal, blogger, and education futurist who has a knack for making education trends and innovations sound fun and exciting.
  16. Alfred Thompson - The high school computer science teacher and educational blogger who is passionate about making technology accessible and fun for his students.
  17. Beth Hawkins - The education news and opinion writer who covers important issues in a fun and engaging way that will leave you wanting more.
  18. Jeff Wetzler - The education trendsetter who shares innovative and fun ways to make learning more exciting for students.
  19. Zachary Wright - The American education influencer who tackles important contemporary issues in a fun and entertaining way.
  20. Nicholas Provenzano - The education blogger, author, and thought leader who shares his knowledge in a fun and creative way.
  21. Kelisa Wing - The education opinion writer who covers important contemporary issues in a fun and engaging way.
  22. Amy Gonzales - The social justice leader who is transforming schools and improving the lives of children in a fun and inspiring way.
  23. 'The PE Geek' - The fun-loving influencer who helps PE teachers use technology more meaningfully in their classes.
  24. Dana Huff - The department chair and education blogger who reflects on the big issues in a fun and creative way.
  25. Richard Whitmire - The education author who commentates on the latest trends in a fun and engaging way.
  26. 'The Domestic Musician' - The music teacher who helps others prepare for classroom life with fun and creative ideas.
  27. Kelleher Maureen - The news writer on the US education systems and the politics surrounding it who shares her knowledge in a fun and engaging way.
  28. Ginny Thornton - The creative classroom idea influencer who inspires every teacher's next project with fun and exciting ideas.
  29. Nat Banting - Insights and anecdotes from the life of a Canadian maths teacher. 
  30. Vanessa Cristina - Early years educator discussing great ideas for parents and teachers. 



These 30 education influencers are a great source of information, inspiration, and entertainment for anyone interested in the field of education. From classroom tips and hacks to policy critiques and news stories, they provide a wealth of knowledge and experience. Whether you're a teacher, student, or just interested in learning more about education, these influencers offer something for everyone. 


So, follow them on social media and keep up with their latest insights and adventures!


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