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Create course and test series

Adding course content in multiple formats such as text, images, video, audio, pdf and ppt is a cake walk in our platform.

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See it live

Web, Android, and iOS mobile apps are seamlessly integrated with tutor panel to help your student see your content in real-time.

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Start selling

Our inbuilt marketing tools such as bulk SMS, bulk email, automated SEO, forums, and push notifications will boost your sales figures.

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Create courses in vernacular languages and multimedia formats

utobo has one of the best content management system. It is categorized in a way that you can upload unlimited number of text, audio and video files fully encrypted without confusing the audience base. We have four layers of categories so that you can go as deep in the subject as you want.
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Top features

Practice/test makes it a perfect platform

Practice makes a person perfect, and we have set wise test series and practice as a feature. Practice will help your student memorizing the topic you have just read, and the test will help you score more. We are coming up with adoptive test patterns soon.
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Top features

Track your students’ progress takes all the activity data sets and compiles it to suggest the scope of improvement. You can track your student’s course completion progress, test scores, and compare it with the rest of the students.
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How the utobo works

To make it easier to understand how utobo works, we have created an awesome self-explanatory video. It explains product features and complete process to adopt online teaching to increase overall revenue of your institute.

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Easy content management

Multilingual text, images , video, audio, pdf, power point presentations

Score improvement

Test series with real time result analysis based on multiple factors to help your student score more.

Learn with fun

Interesting games with multiple levels for different categories of students to help them learn effortlessly.

Communicate and collaborate

Our chat, forums, polls, survey, support requests are making learning inclusive.

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End users
Start teaching online now

Millions of learners are waiting for you to get inspired, so start teaching online today.


Admin Panel

Update content everywhere seamlessly

Our web, mobile applications and admin panels are seamlessly integrated. You can update content in all the applications through admin panel. Different users have access to different modules to maintain access according to work profile of the team members.

Easy User Interface

Our admin panel doesn’t require any kind of special technical or coding skills; it is as easy as posting on the Facebook or other social media pages. utobo has world class content management system which helps to arrange different subjects, topics, subtopics and text , audio, video, presentations, pdf , image files in the most effective manner.

Reports and Analytics

Customized dashboard with graphical representation of key reports and analytics. You can track attendance, individual test performance and course completion, fee details, number of courses, segment wise questions and other important information with just one click.

Third party software and device integration

utobo can be seamlessly integrated with any kind of software such as CRM, Billing, ERP, Email, SMS tools, Payment Gateways or hardware application such as biometric system, bar code printers.


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