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Effortlessly Create and Monetize Online Courses

AI-Powered Content Creation: Embrace the future of course creation with utobo’s AI-based content generation tools. This innovative feature allows you to develop engaging and relevant course materials efficiently. Using advanced algorithms, the platform can assist in generating content ideas, outlines, and even draft materials, making the process smoother and more creative.

Direct Video Uploading and Hosting: Uploading videos to your courses is hassle-free with utobo. Whether you have your content stored on your system or hosted on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, our direct upload feature seamlessly integrates these videos into your courses. Once uploaded, these videos are securely hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring high reliability, fast streaming, and a superior user experience. This integration not only simplifies the content upload process but also provides a robust and scalable hosting solution to meet the needs of diverse course creators.

Course Creation in Minutes: Simplify your course-building process with utobo. Design and publish on-demand courses quickly, without any technical hassles. In less than 15 minutes, you can upload your content and launch courses that make an impact.

Build Fast, Launch Faster: Embrace the ease of online course creation with utobo. Our platform is engineered for speed and efficiency, allowing you to create and deploy digital courses rapidly while ensuring a top-notch user experience.

Diverse Content Options: Utobo supports a wide range of content types for your courses. Add Text, Video, Slides, E-books, Podcasts, and Audiobooks with just a few clicks. We also offer seamless video hosting, enabling you to enrich your courses without incurring extra costs.

Truly All-In-One Platform: Streamline your course creation and delivery with utobo. Our platform eliminates the need for multiple tools, reducing overall costs. Your learners will enjoy an engaging online store with a variety of courses, digital products, and blogs. The learner dashboard includes interactive quizzes and a calendar for scheduled live classes.

Multiple Pricing Options: Tailor your revenue model to fit your course style. With utobo, you can select from various pricing strategies, including one-time payments or monthly memberships. Whether it's yoga, fitness coaching, music classes, or personal finance advice, turn your expertise into a profitable venture. is dedicated to providing an integrated, user-friendly platform for solopreneurs and small businesses to create, launch, and monetize online courses. With our diverse content options, rapid building tools, and flexible pricing, we make it easier than ever to share your knowledge and grow your online education business.