5 Ways to Enhance Learning Outcomes in Online Education

Create a lasting impact and deliver value​ - Raj Sahu

Marketing is not just about creating awareness or generating needs in the market. It represents the vision, value, and impact which you want to create in the world.

Do you remember “Apple’s 1984 super bowl” Ad? And “Nike’s 1988 just do it” Ad? These are the two best examples of a piece of marketing that changed the world. Apple’s introduced the freedom that personal computers will bring to its users and inspired tech leaders to see computers as a creative force for good and Nike persuaded people that anyone can be an athlete if they choose to be.

I believe the fundamental of marketing remains the same irrespective of the medium and channels of promotion. As a marketer, you need to ask yourself, what is that single most important thing which your company stands for?  What makes you different than competitors? How do you want your customer to see your brand? Each marketing effort should be in sync with the core values and mission of the company.

Today alternative products are available for almost everything. It is really important for marketers to connect with users and reward loyal customers emotionally. Now the question arises how do you emotionally connect with your customer base? My answer is extremely simple – genuinely care for them.

The marketers need to build different customer personas, understand the customer needs of each segment, what are their likes and dislikes, and what is stopping them from buying your product? Marketing must address the entire customer journey; it should provide the right context for people to understand the products and offerings.

Each marketing effort should give one clear message across the channels. If you are an innovative company that is breaking boundaries such as tesla, your message should inspire people to use your innovation proudly.

Today digital marketing has become more important than ever. Most people are ordering online. Each marketer needs to expand its digital footprint. We at utobo are helping tutors around the world to teach online and provide them with the marketing tools to connect, engage, and grow their student base.

I urge today's marketers to not just think about how you can rank on the first page of Google and Bing or viral your marketing video. Marketers need to think of marketing as a creative tool to communicate effectively and create emotional bonding with customers, employees, partners, and society at large.