Creating and Selling Courses Online - utobo's Guide for Educators


In the realm of digital education, numerous platforms exist for educators to market their courses and digital products. However, with such an array of options available, determining the optimal platform to utilize can prove daunting. This is where Utobo steps in – a platform meticulously crafted to assist educators in harnessing their knowledge to reach a broader audience effectively.

About Utobo:

Utobo serves as the epitome of simplicity in the domain of online course sales. Thousands of creators, solopreneurs, educators, and coaches spanning over 50 countries leverage Utobo to create courses and digital products. Utobo facilitates the establishment of genuine connections with subscribers while streamlining revenue growth, all without the hassle of juggling multiple tools.

Why Simplicity is Crucial for Online Success:

Educators possess a wealth of knowledge ripe for sharing with the world. Yet, the process of crafting and selling courses often proves complex and time-consuming. Utobo simplifies this ordeal through its user-friendly dashboard, empowering educators to focus solely on teaching without fretting over intricate technological or marketing intricacies.

Inbuilt Zoom Integration:

Utobo boasts seamless integration with Zoom, enabling educators to conduct live classes effortlessly and broaden their audience reach. This integration enhances student engagement and satisfaction by facilitating easy attendance and participation in classes.

The best aspect of this integration is that you can schedule one-on-one or recurring live classes directly from the Utobo creator dashboard. Your customers receive organized invites in their calendars, enabling them to go live with a single click.

Maximizing Your Expertise: Harnessing Utobo's Cohort-Based Online Classes

Utobo offers cohort-based classes, enabling educators to structure content and teaching in an organized manner. This feature fosters a structured learning experience for students, promoting better engagement and information retention.

Offering Self-Paced Course Contents:

Utobo provides diverse course formats, including video lessons, e-books, PDFs, audio lessons, and more. Educators can tailor offerings to suit various learning preferences and styles, thereby enhancing accessibility and flexibility for students.

Teaching & Growth:

Educators can delve into an array of topics, including technology, creative arts, business, personal development, language learning, and more. From specialized subjects to niche topics, there's an extensive range of opportunities to share knowledge and expertise with eager learners worldwide.


In the dynamic landscape of digital education, Utobo emerges as a beacon of simplicity and effectiveness. Whether you're an educator, coach, or small business owner, Utobo provides the perfect platform to unleash your potential and share your expertise with the world. With Utobo, the journey to becoming a successful online educator is simpler, smoother, and more rewarding than ever before. Embark on your online teaching journey with Utobo today and unlock a world of possibilities!