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Top Instagram Teachers You Need to Follow for Teaching Inspiration


In today's fast-paced world, social media platforms like Instagram have become go-to sources of information and inspiration for many people, including educators. Teachers on Instagram share their experiences, offer advice, and provide resources to help their fellow educators. This article brings together some of the top Instagram teachers worldwide to follow for teaching inspiration and resources. Whether you're looking for creative ideas for your classroom, tips on classroom management, or simply some much-needed positivity in your feed, this list has got you covered.


In addition to introducing these top Instagram teachers, this article also includes tips on growing your following and connecting with teachers globally. By following and engaging with these top education influencers, teachers can gain valuable insights and knowledge, as well as become a part of a supportive community of like-minded professionals. So, get ready to hit that follow button and get inspired!


We've compiled a list of the top education influencers to add to your social media feed.




@mr_minchin – Blair is a vocal primary school teacher from Scotland who's already made a name for himself by regularly sharing his practice online and constantly emphasizing his belief that learning should be fun and responsive to pupils at all times.


@miss_hardy_ks2 – Sarah is a SEND/Outdoor learning specialist and recent NQT. Follow her as she embarks on her early teaching career and shares in the laughter, tears, and joy that inevitably come along with it.


@imaginationtree – Anna is an early years teacher and a self-proclaimed OG of play blogging, as well as a mom of four. Follow her for creative Inspiration and tips on making learning fun for your students.


@autismspectrumteacher – Steph offers up an epic podcast and brilliant blog, as well as specialized resources to help you meet the needs of your unique students and help them maximize their potential.


@itsmrb_primary – Follow Mr. B for book recommendations, classroom setup ideas, and some much-needed positivity in your feed.


@learningthroughplay8 – Amy shares epic activities and adventures to encourage students to learn through play. She believes that there's no age limit on learning through play, so why not join in the fun?


@displaylady – If you're ever stuck wondering what display to make for your classroom, look no further than Mrs. J's account. Just be prepared to feel a twinge of jealousy as you scroll through her amazing creations!


@Butterflokids – This EFL teacher shares fun activities, resources, and worksheets for kids. Follow for uplifting teacher inspiration and colorful desk displays.


@mrmrsroberts – Follow along with these two newly married secondary school teachers as they share their teaching vlogs, resources, and top advice with us.


@goodmorningmsfoster – Jen is all about empowering students and teachers alike. Not only does she create resources focused on "the hidden curriculum" (soft skills like creativity, mindfulness, and collaboration), but she also mentors other teachers and recently became a new mom.



@ms_piper_nqt – Reception NQT Ms. Piper shares resources, CPD, and mindfulness tips for teachers in need of a boost. Trainee teachers will find lots of helpful advice on this feed.


@missb.2019 – Miss B is an NQT and positive thinker based in the Midlands. Join her uplifting journey to becoming a fully qualified teacher and never miss an observation.




@mr_lyon_4th – LGBTQ educator and 4th-grade teacher based in Chicago, Mr. Lyon is a constant source of teaching inspiration.


@theuniqueclassroom – Join Amy as she shares her 3rd-grade teaching tales and reminds us all that embracing our uniqueness is the key to success.


@lifebetweensummers – Wife, traveler, mom, and 2nd-grade teacher, Shannon never fails to inspire with her latest tried and tested teaching tips and advice.


@mrsrussellsroom – Follow 3rd-grade teacher and curator of great ideas, Tamara, as she shares her love of blogging, teaching, and the Chicago Cubs with us.




@missmuinteoir - From Ireland, Miss Múinteoir teaches 1st class and shares wonderful resources.


@missgirlingsclassroom - Hannah, from Perth, Australia, shares all the sunshine, swag, and stories from her year 4 class.


@talesfrommissd - All the way from Sydney, Australia, Miss D shares her teaching tales and tattles.


@think_learn_grow - Joanne, an IB teacher and mathematics leader from Melbourne, is also a diversity and inclusion educator and advocate.


New Zealand 


@Shereen Mitwalli is an Australian-Egyptian TED speaker, educator, tech creator, and proud mother who hosts 'It's Business.' She is represented by Onstage International for booking.


@Jenni Low is an early childhood educator from Auckland, New Zealand, who inspires creativity and learning through play. She is also a provider of childcare services through her business, Kia ora Kids at Home.


@Aida Sakatova is an entrepreneur and certified Transcendental Meditation teacher who has been practicing for more than 20 years. She is based in New Zealand and conducts introductory talks on TM.


@Mrs. Priestley ICT is a New Zealand-based resource and online course creator, specializing in the intersection of ICT, teaching, and learning. She also offers a planning course academy.


@Flight Coffee is a coffee brand that sources its products ethically and sustainably. It is a long-standing brand that provides great coffee and has a cafe location in the form of Flight Coffee Hangar.


Instagram has become a hub of Inspiration and support for teachers worldwide. From sharing resources and tips to celebrating successes and struggles, the teachers on this platform are a valuable source of knowledge and motivation. By following these top Instagram teachers and engaging with their content, educators can not only improve their own practice but also connect with a global community of like-minded professionals. So go ahead and hit that follow button, and let the teaching inspiration flow!


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