How Can Educators Make Money Online?

Turning Teaching into Thriving: How Teachers Can Make Money Online

It’s a sad fact: teachers in the U.S. simply don’t make enough money. With low starting salaries and wages that have lost buying power over the years, many have to find a side hustle that fits a teacher’s schedule. So, it’s no wonder teachers are asking, “How can we make money online?”

Despite the countless hours you spend outside of the classroom grading papers, preparing lesson plans, and brainstorming activities, it can be tough to make ends meet on a teaching salary. The good news? You can use the skills you already have to create your own “teacher side hustle” and make additional income to supplement your teaching job.

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What Makes Teachers Perfect for Knowledge Commerce?


In the knowledge economy, teachers are already ahead of the game. Whether you decide to teach through a podcast, a newsletter, or by creating a course, you already have the skills needed to educate students.

Teachers make fantastic knowledge entrepreneurs. Just think of the topics available to you! For example, you could:

  • Create foreign language courses for different age groups.
  • Teach students how to write better essays.
  • Help college-bound students prepare for Advanced Placement exams.
  • Develop a course on how to create engaging lesson plans.
  • Teach classes on classroom management.
  • Help high school students chart their career paths.
  • Teach about any other subject you’re an expert in.

Once you create your course, the most time-consuming part is done. After that, it’s just a matter of marketing it. Besides answering questions occasionally, the teaching part is complete, making the extra income from your side hustle almost entirely passive.

Can Teachers Really Be Successful Entrepreneurs?


Not only are teachers creating viable businesses, but they’re also achieving massive success. They’re transforming their students’ lives and, in some cases, earning enough from their side gig to make it their main gig.

Imagine turning your idea into a digital business, going from wondering how to make money online to actually living it!


The Types of Businesses You Can Build as a Knowledge Entrepreneur


As a knowledge entrepreneur, the possibilities are wide open. Here are just a few ways teachers are making money online:

  • Courses: The easiest and fastest way to share your knowledge.
  • Consulting: Provide specific, one-on-one advice or strategies.
  • Coaching: Encourage people to take steps on their own with your guidance.
  • Membership Sites: Offer exclusive content and advice for a monthly fee.
  • Media Company: Create consumable content like podcasts, blogs, and newsletters, making money through sponsorships.


How to Create and Teach a Course with utobo


Countless educators have discovered how easy it is to turn their love of a subject into a second income. More than just a side hustle, your knowledge business allows you to make a significant impact by teaching a new market online.

utobo simplifies this process by removing the need to learn and master all the moving parts of running a business. They make it easy to create digital courses and provide the business-building tools needed to start and grow a profitable knowledge business.

With utobo, you can market your products to specific groups, segment by grade level or topic, and use all the best marketing tools integrated into one seamless platform. You can concentrate on sharing your knowledge while utobo handles the behind-the-scenes work to attract paying students.

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Expand Beyond the Course

Your course can be a great side hustle, but why stop there? Dream big! Imagine a line of supplemental products based on your course. If your students struggle with a particular skill, create a system or solution to help them succeed.

Many teachers sell these items on platforms like Teachers Pay Teachers, but utobo doesn’t take a fee, offering higher profit margins.


The opportunities for teachers to make money online are endless. It’s not just about reading, writing, and arithmetic. There’s a hungry audience eager to learn your specific skills. So, the question isn’t just, “How can teachers make money online?” It’s about how you choose to do it, and whether you want to keep it as a side gig or turn it into your full-time job.