The Making of utobo Intro Video by SAG/14 | Production Company

The Making of utobo Intro Video by SAG/14 | Production Company

We have created the simplest platform in the world for creators to create, teach and sell content online, and we needed a video production company that can create our brand persona. It wasn’t easy to choose the right partner to produce a video that could establish a real connection with our customers.

After many interviews with different companies, we finalized SAG/14 | Production Company. Our CEO Raj Sahu has watched a couple of videos produced by the founders Frank and Bobby. He felt that this is the right team who can not only produce an excellent quality video but also be able to bring the emotional element into it.

Once we handed over the script to Sag 14, we brainstormed into each word of the script and made it super simple for our users to understand. They were terrific in casting and production designing. After the shooting and putting in numerous hours on video editing, the final video came out to be outstanding.

It looks like a super straightforward process, but we navigated through many challenges and fights to get this done. Raj was in Bangalore, and Bobby and Frank were in the USA, so managing time to talk to each other was not easy. Our talent had to go to different cities and had given us only one day to shoot the video, and finding the costume manager in a day was a mighty task. After the shooting, aligning all the screens and defining the screen time was critical to success, but we finally did it, and that too in just seven days.

Everyone is loving it so far. Watch the video and let us know what you think: