The simplest platform to sell Digital Products (+ Collect payments through an online store)

Digital files, ebooks, templates, Graphics Designs, and Audio are called digital products when they are offered by creators as a learning asset to their customers & fans. These products are intangible but downloadable assets.


Today's topics:


  • What is a digital product? 
  • How to sell digital products for free on utobo in 3 simple steps?
  • Different types of best digital products that you can sell online
  • What are the advantages of selling digital products?


What is a digital product? 

Digital files, ebooks, templates, Graphics Designs, and Audio are called digital products when they are offered by creators as a learning asset to their customers & fans. These products are intangible but downloadable assets. You can offer your digital content in the following formats Pdf, mp3, PPT, Docx, Txt, Png, Jpg, and WebP.


Sell these digital products as downloadable or streamable digital files; that's why you don't need to stress printing costs, shipping fees, or inventory levels. This makes it possible for businesses to make their products available worldwide with minimal overhead costs. 


Digital products are becoming an increasingly popular way for entrepreneurs to create and distribute content. By selling digital goods, entrepreneurs can make money while giving their customers access to valuable information, such as ebooks, templates, graphics, and Audio. With the right marketing strategy in place, entrepreneurs can reach a larger audience, build brand recognition and generate more revenue for their business.


How to sell digital products for free on utobo in 3 simple steps?

  • Create a digital product and upload
  • Price your Digital Product
  • Collect payments through an online store


utobo makes it extremely simple to sell digital products for creators. Sell your teaching resources—like printable, lesson plans, and classroom learning contents —as digital downloads.


Create an account on utobo; instantly, you get an auto-generated beautifully designed online store. Set up your profile, like logo and banner & fill in some information about your institute. Add a stripe account to collect payments directly into your bank account.


So, your online store to sell digital products is now live.


If you have already created a digital product, just upload it to sell; you can also create your own Digital products, including courses, music or audio lessons, fonts, Photoshop presets, or online services. Learning content in different formats such as Pdf, PPT, and Txt.


Now, let's set pricing for your Digital Product. Once you have uploaded your digital product, add the title & description about the digital product you are offering and then we can set pricing and make it downloadable as well.


Click on the paid button, input the web app price, and set your digital product's validity. Add the payment preview that will show while purchasing the digital product.


See it live on your own e-com online store, ready to sell your first digital product within 15 minutes. Now you have The simplest platform to sell Digital Products.


Different types of best digital products that you can sell online


l Educational Content & online courses

l Digital Assets

l Templates and Graphics

l Music 

l Art and image

l Services


Educational Contents & Online Courses

Digital products are an effective way to increase your reach, revenue, and even influence. Whether you're selling online courses, educational content, or both, the opportunity for success is immense. With digital products, you can reach more people than ever before; plus, Educational content is also valuable and often sells well as digital products. With educational content such as ebooks, courses, and workshops, you can help people learn new skills and gain the knowledge they wouldn't otherwise be able to access without spending a large amount on tuition fees. 


Digital Assets

When coming up with digital assets, it's important to consider customer needs and design your products accordingly. Additionally, ensure you're using appropriate security measures when sharing or selling photos- watermarking and other safeguards are essential for protecting your work! 


Offering digital assets on your site saves you a ton of money; if you sell the product on other marketplaces, they take up to 50% of your sales.


Templates and Graphics

Selling Digital products can be the right way to diversify your freelance business and increase your income and reach. Successful digital products usually solve a specific problem or need for their target audience, so it is key to know who you are creating the product for.


Once you've identified who would benefit from your product if you are already a freelancer, it might be worth considering how you can turn your knowledge and services into digital products to create a passive income source.



Musicians and artists have many ways to monetize their art; create an online product that is sure to love by your audience and make you a passive income. You can create virtual courses where you teach others to play an instrument or draw, use the same art pieces for print and digital download, or even release a series of lessons in a book format. A movie maker can sell his movies online. The best part is that you can sell your product online to an unlimited number of customers and even experiment with different formats to see which works best.


Art and image

Have you ever wished that you could show your creativity to the world? utobo makes it easier than ever to do so. You can create stunning paintings, digital wallpapers, and digital art that will be admired by anyone who sees them. Best of all, these works can be sold online for a profit!


Digital products can provide a great way for artists to earn money from their work without worrying about printing, packaging, and delivery costs. For example, you could create high-resolution digital images of your artwork that customers can download after purchase. You could also turn your art into screensavers or wallpapers which customers can use on their devices.



To grow your business & services and attract more visitors to your website, you can offer free downloadable products to your fans.

Sell your services online: If someone is looking to start a blog & create their own website, they can purchase a package that includes website design, logo creation, and blogging-related guides, as well as different types of graphics. Not only will they have all the necessary products but also personalized information or Excel spreadsheet related to their business growth & vision.



What are the advantages of selling digital products?


4 Benefits of digital selling Digital Products


1. Building an online store is cheaper

Building a digital product store is a great way to expand the reach of your business while keeping costs low. With the right online tools like utobo, you can build an innovative eCommerce platform that helps customers find what they need and buy it in just a few clicks. 


With utobo, building a powerful digital storefront is easier than ever before. Additional benefits of having an online store are "No need to worry about manufacturing raw materials & storing them. Warehousing, packing, and shipping of materials were the traditional ways."


2. Large Market of online buyers

On the internet, running an online business allows you to reach a global audience.


You can sell your digital products to a global audience with the help of the internet and utobo. Let's see one example: a few local guitar players may want your sheet music. But how many guitar players are there in the whole world!? Abundance. 


You can build a high-profit niche online business with more than enough potential customers globally.


3. High-income business

Selling digital products is a great path to starting and growing a successful high-income business. It requires minimal effort and investment yet offers tremendous potential for revenue growth. You can reach customers worldwide with digital products and make the most of your online presence. Digital products are also easy to manage, track, market, and scalable.


With digital products, there is no need for physical space or additional staff to manage production, shipping, and distribution. This means that profits can be made faster & more scalable than in a traditional business.


4. Managing, selling, and delivering digital products or services is easy 

This is one of the great advantages of selling digital products. You can easily create a product, manage and deliver them. Uploading your files on your dashboard inside utobo making it easy to access whenever needed. 


The possibilities for selling products online are endless, from ebooks and podcasts to music, movies, graphics, art, and more. Plus, your customers just pay and receive their digital files. They can use all those products right away.




Now you have your beautiful online store! Consider how you can take advantage of selling digital products. Start a side hustle or small business on utobo today.


Take advantage of what utobo offers you, including selling digital products. You can also sell online courses, create a blog, add subscriptions, and email marketing (mini CRM).


Get inspired and create your online store with utobo today. More info on this article:


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