utobo | A platform to learn, share and personalize.

We are in the world of the 21st century and technology sure seems the USP of this century. A lot has changed since the advent of the Internet and every day is a new start in the online world. Every industry has directly or indirectly been benefitted through the upscaling of the technology. Education has reached the masses, thanks to the internet and the classrooms are not restricted to the walls of the room anymore. With utobo, we aim to cater to the whole world as a classroom with no walls. Learning never stops and utobo bridges the gap between the learner and the one who is eagerly willing to learn.

utobo is the software as a service-based online tutoring platform. We help institutions to create courses and test series and to sell them online. With utobo, we aim to help out all the education providers with a platform to share their knowledge and join us to experience the holistic experience of an e-learning platform.

Our Vision is to craft the future of the education system where learning will be economical, collaborative, intuitive, and fun.

In this process to make the future of education digital, we aspire to be the digital transformation experts with a sole focus on digital technologies. Be it institutions or individual tutors, utobo is the platform you require. Ranging from Basic, Premium and Enterprise Models, there is something or the other for each one of you imparting knowledge in the world.

With best-in-class customer support service, the institutes can provide the deliverables to the students with an amazing user interface that utobo would proudly host. It is a One-stop platform to teach and grow completely online. Not only this, but we can also differentiate ourselves through various other features like:

  • Wholesome classroom experience online.
  • Easy User Interface.
  • Vernacular language support.
  • Isolate your classroom. Reports and A
  • Web, Android, and iOS applications for students to study, communicate, collaborate and participate.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to experience the holistic approach to imparting education online. Join us today.

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